Black Leather Journal Blank Paper Notebook Sale!

Black Leather Journal Blank Paper Notebook

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Handmade Paper Leather Journal Writing Notebook

Size     : (4.0 x 5.6 inch)
Paper  :  Bond cream colored, 80 g/m², 200 pages (both sides)
Leather: Thin and flexible, colored in the front raw in the back

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Leather bound journal,  handmade with an original cover in rustic leather. Each notebook is an individual creation. The leather has a soft feel and the paper is a light cream color. The leather is brought from the Andes of Peru, worked by native Andean people with the same care as their ancestors. This journal can be used as a notebook, diary, guestbook or a sketchbook. The paper is smooth and takes all writing instruments nicely.

The leather cord wraps around the journal keeping it securely closed and your thoughts private. The journal contains approx. 100 sheets. This paper takes both fountain pen and ball point pen ink very well. These lovely quality journals would make excellent gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, graduations, vacations or for any other special occasion. A leather cord wraps around the journal to keep it securely closed.

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